Friday, August 8, 2008

Blue Coats

Southeastern Guide Dog Puppies are distinguished by their blue puppy coats. They learn that when they have the coat on they are “working,” similar to when they will wear the leather harness. They learn to sit to have it put over their head, to stand to have it fastened under their belly, and sometimes they even learn to lift their head to have it put over and on. As the puppies learn what this blue coat means, you see a difference, almost like a light switch goes on, and their behavior changes: it’s time to go to work! They learn that it is time to be serious, to make choices, to behave. (I wish I could find “magic coats” for kids- I’d be rich!) In the beginning, they learn slowly, but they catch on quickly. And even if they don’t quite get it at such a young age (Bob is 15 weeks here) they still look so gosh darn good in it!


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The Brax Blog said...

I have just ran across your blog.
My first dog has been matched and has been working as a guide dog for the past couple months, my second dog I am still puppy raising. I train dogs for Southeastern to.
I am glad I have found your blog! Your blog is the first SEGD blog I have seend, besides mine and the schools.
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