Friday, August 8, 2008

Bob Onboard!

Bob joined us onboard our water taxis today. This was his 1st time downtown and his 1st time on the water. We had to deliver some supplies, so we made a day of it, and had lunch at the Jacksonville Landing, too. (All kids in tow!) Bob got to experience both a floating and fixed dock, riding on a boat, open steps, large animal statues, and a plethora of other great exposures (including all the rice the kids kept dropping on the floor!) Bob just looked too cute in his puppy coat! After lunch, we trekked 4 city blocks to Dan’s office to visit. He got to experience closed marble steps, as well as light city traffic, and a real office setting. He was, of course, a hit. Walking 4 city blocks didn’t seem so bad on a warm (okay, hot) summer day; it was the walking BACK 4 more city blocks that hadn’t dawned on me in the first place! We made it back to the Landing, none the worse for the wear. Bob is such a trooper. (Heck, so am I for doing all that!) Back onboard, Bob gave us silly, panting smiles; he looked proud and happy. But I’m sure that he, like all of us was ready for a well deserved afternoon nap. (too bad he was the only one who got one!)

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