Friday, July 25, 2008

"And now a word from our sponsors..."

On the way home from SEGD, I was able to go through all the puppies’ paperwork to read about who their sponsors are. I found out that Bob is named after a beloved father, who has left behind a very proud family who chose to sponsor and name Bob in his honor. They live relatively close by, in Sarasota. I feel privileged to raise Bob in honor of his namesake. I am glad they wish to communicate, and I have already been in contact with them. Thank you for sponsoring Bob 2K8!

I would like to encourage all the Puppy Raisers to blog the puppy-that-they-are-raising’s progress; it is a wonderful way to keep sponsors up to date on the puppy’s progress, as well as being a nice history of the puppy’s first year (or so) to share once he or she is matched. It is the Puppy Sponsors who help make what Southeastern Guide Dogs does a reality. A blog would be a nice ongoing thank you. Many of us will share photos here or there, but wouldn’t it be great to share every little thing that the puppies do to amaze us with others who would be equally impressed?!

So it is with Bob’s sponsors and their family in mind that I will once again blog puppy progress. I hope that everyone who loved Bob will check in to monitor progress of “puppy Bob.”

Bob working from home with Tracee

Photo Disclaimer: Bob does not jump up on furniture, or normally sit in my lap, or type on the laptop, this was a completely posed photo, I know better. Note Bob’s self control and poise as he waits for the photo to be taken, and you will see this is an excellent exercise using the “stay” command. Perhaps posing him for cute-sie photos isn’t necessarily endorsed or recommended; however, to pose a particular photo every once in a while isn’t going to begin a bad habit or ruin his career. Apologies in advance if this photo has offended anyone. He is not sitting in a dishwasher or on the Dumbo ride, so I do know right from wrong when it comes to puppy raising. Just thought it would be a cute photo op as I stopped to love on Bob as I worked, and there was a camera nearby.

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